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Vincent Patterson is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in the North West.

Working across a range of print media including Screenprint, Riso, Photography, Typography and illustration and dabbling with a new techniques and mediums his prints are as much a story of process as they are the finished print.

His Riso process uses simple found imagery collaged with rich textures and BOLD colours create a dazzling range of affordable, original and collectable prints. For the price of an editioned/or inkjet reproduced print you can pick up one of Vincent’s originals. Perfect for those starting an art or print collection.

His Screenprints adopt a lot of the similar methods used in the Riso process. The layering up of inks, collage, pencil, oils and textures by hand builds the rich surfaces to produce unique screenprints and abstract prints. Heavy leanings to late Warhol, Rauschenberg and Kent each print is a labour of love, unique and with a story to tell. 

You will not find many editioned prints here, one of a kind very much the vibe